Personnel development

Social responsibility

KMG’s Strategy and Code of Corporate Social Responsibility reflect the goals of social responsibility aimed at providing social support to employees, participating in the development of operating regions, promoting social partnership, developing human capital, ensuring social stability among KMG Group employees, and enhancing personnel involvement.

KMG Group achieves these goals through fair collective bargaining with employees, close cooperation with local executive bodies and trade unions, and streamlined internal communications between employers and employees across KMG Group.

KMG complies with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as with international laws and treaties regulating oil companies, and is aware of its responsibility to shareholders, the public and investors for the impact on the economy, environment and society, for the creation of long-term business value, and for sustainable growth in the long run. All employees of the Company have the right to safe and healthy working conditions, to recognition and fair evaluation of their contribution to the Company, to assistance in enhancing their professional skills, and to open and constructive discussion of the quality and effectiveness of their work. The Company has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination by nationality, race, religion, age, gender, political beliefs or other grounds.

We promote meritocracy, fairness, and integrity while providing every employee with a workplace conducive to new achievements and assessing their respective contributions to KMG’s overall success based on merit. We also foster a culture of understanding and engagement, and support among our employees at all levels.

In 2020, KMG’s sustainability performance was evaluated for the first time at the international level by the Sustainalytics rating agency, the social aspect was scored at 70, which reflects the Company’s robust social responsibility performance (KMG was ranked 36th out of 119 industry peers worldwide).